Recently, I tried two web applications which I’d like to briefly review.

Mindomo logoThe first one is Mindomo A very neat tool, which allows you to write mind maps. Try to dump the content of your brain in a Word document, it doesn’t work ;) Try to write a mind map, there’s still a gap with what you think, but it is closer to what you (think you) are thinking… Mindomo is an excellent example of a RIA, with an easy to use interface and some pretty features (like map sharing). And it’s free….. at least for up to 7 maps (that’s obviously a big limitation…)

Teamwork Project logoAbout the other webapp I’d like to present, I’m a little less enthousiast. I am talking about teamwork project This one has a different purpose, it is an integrated tool suite for project management. There is a downloadable version, which I didn’t try, so I am only talking about the online version. First the pros: the tools has plenty of features, including task scheduling, team communication, issue management, project overview, etc. And they say it integrates with SCRUM (to create project and sprint backlogs), but the wizard does not seem to be available in the online version (?). However, the main problem I see with this tool: it’s too slow!! (again, I’m speaking of the online version). It is not responsive (no Ajax out there? too many page refresh) and the number of clicks needed to perform simple things (e.g. add a task) is too high. Otherwise, I’d really have loved this tool…

Do you know any online project management tool you would recommend?