Clogo started about 18 months ago… and slept for a year until I finally decided to push it out to the world.

Clogo is a LOGO interpreter written in Clojure.  It can control a Lego NXT2 (Mindstorms) turtle robot or be used in standalone mode.

My motivations to write Clogo were:Kids learning LOGO

  • learn Clojure
  • initiate my kids to programming through the LOGO language (which brought me to programming when I was in 3rd grade!)
  • play with my Lego Mindstorms NXT2 set

You can find Clogo on github at:

I hope to write a few posts on how Clogo was designed and what I learned while creating it.

Meanwhile, feel free to try it out, and give me feedback (file issues or propose fixes).

Logo Turtle is drawing Cool drawings with the Logo Turtle